Best Cigar minders Reviews 2020

best cigar minders

1. Cigar Minder Clip – All-Purpose Cigar Holder

best cigar minder

The best cigar minder is a simple little cigar holder. It’s like a clip like you put on a bag of chips or something, Except it’s got a little bit of a holder in the cider that holds your cigar smoking. The Rocky Patel son growing always delicious and it’s just a matter of clipping it on something. 

I’m gonna clip it on the quad and show that way man you gotta love the rock Patel sun-grown alright let’s check it out alright got a clipped on my handle grip here because I hold on my cigar until I get where I need to do I’m picking up wood today so I just clip it on and you just pick that up and you just put your cigar in there and it holds it just fine it has very light tension on the spring it’s called a cigar minder and I got just that famous smoke shop calm, I’m sure you can get him other places.

I think it was I got an old 7 or 8 bucks and it holds it to spine if you want to take it off you could take it off you know and you could clip it on anything and it just holds it put on whatever you like the cigar holder get a blood today so I just clip it on and you just pick that up and you just put your cigar in there and it holds it just fine and has very light tension.

Product details

  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • Domestic Shipping: Currently, the can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.
  • International Shipping: This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.
  • ASINB00021HSKW
  • Item model number: DLJ002-BLK

2. Prestige Import Group Cigar Minder Cigar Clip – Holds Cigar in Place Anywhere

I’m reviewing a cigar accessory yes this is called the best cigar minder. Basically what we have here is a giant clip made out of like ABS plastic and its purpose is to hold one or two cigars. Now you can clip this thing pretty much anywhere which makes it very versatile.

I believe it’s originally designed for you to know smoking cigar on a game of golf with the best cigar holder. You can clip it to your golf bag, if you’re walking or ports you clip, it to maybe the pole on the roof part of your little cart, golf cart but anyway you really could use this anywhere.

If you’re an office environment you smoke at your job. You can clip this on to your desk pretty much the sky’s the limit here we demonstrate this talk a little bit about it, Every product has its pros and cons. This certainly does have its cons but I think it’s still a good product in general. So we’ll talk about that in a minute, the first I want to do some measurements were a real quick give you a size reference here so length on here is about six inches, the width is inch and a half and I want to also measure for you the jaws part of it let’s call it and see its widest opening is about two and three-quarter inches alright. 

So that’s the wide why is this good to go so if you love specific things in mind. I want to give you that specific dimension. So like lets I don’t know you have something where you want to clip it, Oh you get that thing I’ll clip it here, Well now you know exactly, how wide the mouth part of this opens alright so, first of all, see very simple design, there’s the spring in the back. So we have a spring tension very strong spring tension.

I don’t have any way to measure exactly, how much but it’s very strong. So when you grip this on to something, It holds tight there’s two teeth two sets of teeth on the top little ridges best cigar minder. Then one in the middle you can see that kinda reminds me a hippo but anyway, It does grip very nicely to whatever you’re gripping this on to there’s a good profile, then all right so it does hold very firm and very secure and everything. I’ve tried this one works great and top.

We have two smaller clips these Springs much less power which is a good thing because you want to hold your Tigard not crush, It was very easy to use you can see there’s two you can use one or you can use both little stickers the best cigar minder. I’d probably take those off there you know easy to come off pretty cheesy to leave them on be honest. They do work great holds a cigar very firmly obviously, You can put anywhere as you smoke it and keep moving it up or down alright.

So here’s one of the negatives, This clip opens very wide to accommodate a very large gauge door. The problem is this is only a 50 gauge cigar and what I have to do is I have to kind of put it in straight in like this, okay, If I put in sideways it rubs teeth rub which chance is ripping my wrapper. So the height between the top part here and there we measure that for you it just limits you in putting feder in cigars, That’s about three-quarters of an inch alright.

I’m obviously if you’re smoking a cigar. It’s late it’s going to be a little bit difficult to okay you have to kind of fish it through without ripping it or tearing, That but it’s not a huge deal it’s something worth noting. It’s notable so I just don’t like by design that these only go you know so far up as to Matt make it very hard or difficult to take it out sideways.

 it’d be much easier by design, you just open it up and put it in sideways so maybe, I would say even if you kept this completely flat you know these dip down obviously that they’re curved to hold the cigar securely. I think by design even if you didn’t have a ridge here if this was just flat across it would work just the same hold it just is secure but you’ll be able to put this in sideways more comfortably without worry about things so anyway that’s the best cigar minder.

These costs 799 which I think for what you’re getting is a good price, maybe walk to a smoke shop expect to pay more this one came from cheap humidors calm as well as two other ones which from also going to be reviewing oh no the order we were putting these in but then when I’m done reviewing all three products I’m going to put them all head-to-head because it is my opinion the best option so anyway that’s it that’s the best cigar minder for eight bucks you know it’s a great thing you have if you’re on the golf.

 I can’t think of any other reason why you may want something like this if you were it’s to be used outdoors. I’m it uses the example of four if you’re in an office environment. But the more I think of it more stupid that sounds because you’d be dropping ashes on the floor. If you had an ashtray to a shin you’d probably rest your cigar near a stray so yeah this is probably just limited to outdoor use only.

Product Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.5 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Manufacturer: Prestige Import Group
  • ASIN: B00J21XEOW
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within the U.S.
  • International Shipping: This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S. Learn More
  • Item model number: CIGMDR

3. Get A Grip Clip Cigar Holder, 66+ Ring Gauge, Rubber Coated Grip, Keeps Cigar Level, Black

This is gonna be another review of a cigar accessory another type of clip to hold or stabilize your cigar. When not smoking most permanently used on a game of golf, which would be it makes most sense worry or maybe smoke a cigar.

You will frequently put it down or let it rest because you’re taking your shot you know so anyway this is an interesting design of best cigar minder. We have two clips here and they’re attached by an Allen headed you know double-headed Allen screws okay. So each clip is the same design although the spring is very different you can see on the left side. We have a skinnier spring than on the right side alright, The gauge of this spring is lighter, therefore it’s a lot easier to open this clip as opposed to this clip this clip is very it has a very strong spring as well as you’ll notice or might notice that there’s a kind of rubberized coating on the tip of this clip.

This visually tells you that this cigar Holder is what you’re using to clip on something whether this is your golf cart or golf bag whatever this is the base clip, okay very strong the second clip would be for your cigar has a lighter spring because you don’t want to crush the cigar you just want to hold it stable now by design this will accommodate a very very large cigar say the opening here is that an inch of court.

You can put anything you want in there best cigar minder and I’ll be fine and it holds. It very nicely doesn’t crush it keeps it pretty stable it’s not going to go anywhere so that’s all good all right so here’s the downside to this I love the design of cigar minder. I think it’s great, I do not like how these are attached we have a double-sided torque screw here and it’s very flimsy and floppy you know if let’s say you do attach is something very secure.

I just don’t like the fact that it just it kind of it will swing around a little bit. When you go to use it and just seems very flimsy of course if you tighten this down you’re not able to easily move it around. I’ve tried adjusting it and it keeps getting loose on me so overall. it’s okay it’s not that bad, I don’t think that there are better options out there like both of the other you know cigar accessory best cigar minder.

Product Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 pound
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Manufacturer Quality: Importers Trading Co, Inc.
  • ASIN: B005Y31GZG
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within the U.S.
  • International Shipping: This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.
  • Item model number: CH-GAGC-B

4. 3G Golf Cart Cigar Holder

This is the perfect cigar holder that’s not a statement. The name of the device is a perfect cigar holder(best cigar minder). They even put it on a little sticker here for you this solves a problem. I wasn’t aware existed, because I’m not a golfer this is primarily designed at least right now for golfers to be used on their golf cart and the problem was and I talked to a few golfers about this and asked them. 

I showed them got some feedback and whatnot the problem is what do you do with your cigar. When you’re golfing there’s no place to put it down you need both hands on the club. So this is designed to easily clamp on to the dashboard or any horizontal surface in your golf cart and I have to say it works very well as intended. It’s a nice thick plastic tray and they do say that this is virgin run nylon best cigar minder. It’s burning and melt resistant but it has a raised lip here where the actual cigar goes it’s very much like this is in horrible condition. But it’s been sitting outside this is the ashtray of best cigar minder.

I use out here for my reviews just a simple little thing I got off eBay. but it’s got a raised tray and then the ash dips down just like this into the collection bin part so your cherry is never resting on anything the cigar is supported here best cigar minder. Then all of this is for collection, so you don’t have to worry about it touching any of the plastic and having any kind of fire hazard there’s not much more to say about the function of it it’s a spring clamp and it’s got this plastic piece.

I’m assuming glued on top of the best cigar minder. I don’t see any fasteners and that’s it as rubber feet here to protect the finish of whatever you clamp it to and they swivel a little bit spring tension is certainly overkill I mean this is a big clamp and it’s got a big spring very industrial. The handles are just the right length you can pick it up your thumb hits the end of the tray here so you’re automatically in the right position. It’s big enough for my big hands to fit all four fingers on it. So I mean it’s comfortable to clamp you don’t think of I guess that’s the point just works and of best cigar minder, You know it supports any size cigar. It’s just a little groove of plastic the only downside to it is and this was just common sense to me as a consumer just looking at it like I said I’m not a golfer but I did ask golfers and they immediately came up with the same questions I had in my head without asking them. It doesn’t work on a golf bag if you’re walking if you don’t have a cart your bags near vertical.

If you clamp this on the bag. It’s not gonna hold your cigar’s just gonna loop. So it does need to be on some type of horizontal surface. If your cart is parked on a hill you know the kind of screwed there but that’s the only real limitation to it that, I see the other thing is it’s way overkill this is a huge clamp cigar weigh nothing this tray weighs and nothing you don’t need a tenth of this as far as spring pressure or I understand the size of the handle at least because it’s convenient. But it’s not a negative it’s just like the white elephant in the room you know. what I’m saying so that’s it if they do a version two and maybe this is already in the works and I’m just reading their mind but if they do a version two there are two things that I think would make this not only infinitely more usable probably for the same cost. 

But just such a better product one smaller clamp all right. I’m a photographer as many of you know and some of you been here to attest to this I got a ton of photography gear and I use clamps all the time but do all kinds of product work in the studio. I mean I’ve got just tons of different clamps here I’ve got everything from these big guys here that ratchet to the big spring clamps the same kind that this guy is made of you know lots of pressure. But then I’ve got lots of these little guys now this still has more spring pressure than this I mean there’s no downside to going smaller in spring size. 

Because it’s still there it’s gonna hold absolutely anything you claim fondue it holds my flashes. You know they got these tiny guys which again still have more than enough spring pressure. I mean it’s squishing my finger this will hold a box of cigars up no exaggeration. But it’s too small to function this is big enough where I can easily do it. It’s big enough where they could put a gooseneck on here I’ve got some of these and I can’t find them I looked I’ve got to pack away somewhere but they make these with holes in them basically and some you can buy I’ve made some myself you just put a little 4-inch gooseneck or they could even use a couple of ball pivot joints just enough to give 90 degrees of swivel in any the direction, that’s all you would need and then do a simple nut and bolt onto the end of this on this on a ball joint into the handle then you can put it in any the position you could put it on your bag and just pivot this up you know that would be awesome best cigar minder.

If your golfer if you use a cart if you’re in any kind of a situation. where maybe out in your work bench area outside. I don’t know anywhere that you’ve got a table or a chair or a ledge or a lip or anything horizontal. This will work for you no problem just clamp it on such a cigar down and go so I can completely understand the need for that in some situations and can’t fault it whatsoever, so I guess this isn’t a review of it since I mean it’s a cigar holder you put your cigar in it you know it works but those are my thoughts on it now that being said I have five of these to give away to you guys.

Product details

  • Shipping Information: View shipping rates and policies

5. Stage V Clinger Magnetic Cigar Holder (Blue)

I’m bringing you a quick little review of a pretty cool little accessory. Now I’ve had a ton of best cigar minders come through here a lot of cigar holders tell you what most of them pretty gimmicky not much more than going to Home Depot getting a couple of parts and screwing them together and that kind of thing this is a very simple and very well made product this is the first one I’ve seen in a long time that exudes a commercial quality.

I would expect to find this in any normal store you know a pro shop certainly it is aimed towards Gulf but I mean just an auto store or Walmart or anything it’s got that normal commercial-grade product quality to it, not like the homemade kind of stuff that you usually find when it comes to cigar gimmicks alright. It’s a cigar holder pretty simple construction-wise we’re talking two little strips of metal too small but very powerful magnets that are just glued to one strip it looks like the two pieces of metal are crimped together here and then they got a nice powder coat to best cigar minder. They have a few different colors available and it’s just a little strip of steel that’s really about it you’ve got these little curves or waves in here and you’ve got different sized openings that will hold a cigar.

You can easily bend it one way or the other to take your preference in size of cigars certainly would accommodate at least anything up to a 70 eighty. I don’t know if you’d be using one of these with an eighty anyway but any normal cigar this will hold no problem best cigar minder. Oh even down to a little NO, it’ll go all the way down here and fit obviously like I said it’s geared towards golfers on their website if you take a look at it stage – V com they’ve got this shown stuck to your golf cart you know you put it on the pillar parts of your golf bag. They show it at the golf club I’m not sure how that would work. But it’s active when you just need to put down your cigar somewhere kind of thing now I’m not a golfer. But I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna use the hell out of this thing it sent me another one here and they also include this optional little velcro straps very handy for when you don’t have something Faris that you can attach the magnets to the strap just slide in between the two magnets, You can take it out if you don’t want it but this is handy for slipping around say a chair you know I’ve got these chairs here and I don’t believe they’re well they’re okay if it hadn’t been an aluminum chair best cigar minder.

For example, I would use the velcro but if you best cigar minder enough you know that sometimes. I like to go and smoke in my garage that’s kind of my mancave. I got my motorcycle I’ve got my tools and that kind of stuff my neighbor will come over and will be us for a couple of hours and just smoke cigars out in the garage right well I don’t keep ashtrays and stuff out there when we’re sitting in a chair out in the garage. I don’t have a table, I don’t have any place to put an ashtray as I do here anyway but man how handy is this gonna be I can just put it on the side of the car. You know the wife’s car if it’s in the garage just set it there it’s not gonna hurt anything they’re powerful but they’re not obnoxiously strong magnets they’re not gonna scrape anything I could put it right on the side of my tool chest. I could even put it on the side of my bike you know.

It’s the best cigar minder but your cigar in obviously. The tension depends on how you have this bit just slipping it you know you get it to the right tension for this, I got the size of cigars that you’re gonna be using. It’s not gonna hurt the leaf. I have it spread where it’s just gonna hold this. It will fall out if you yank it but that’s not what this is designed for this is not made for putting out an ATV and you know going off-road or anything like that this is made for best cigar minder. 

I have to set my cigar down for a minute that’s it you know it’s nothing permanent you don’t have to drill into anything. it’s very small it’s not unsightly it’s not some huge thing hanging off your dash or something like that it just works now the only negative thing I’ll have to say about it is the cost they’re proud of them. Alright shipped you’re looking at about 20 bucks so maybe get a multipack and split it with your buddies and save some money that way maybe if you need four of them. You can get a multipack and you know that’s a better deal. But I’m if you just need one it’s gonna be a little pricey so hopefully, you can find some discount codes or they’ll be running some promos on their Facebook page or something like that I don’t know but I have no complaints about the construction to fit the finish or the functionality. It just works and it’s beautifully made they’ve got their website on the back here stage – be calm it’s made in the USA and that’s all there is to it stage 5 or stage V I’m not sure which they’re going by clinger so if you need a little cigar holder to check it out you’ll not be disappointed with the way it works.

Product details

  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces.
  • Item model number: ZC-W7EA-48OQ
  • Colors: Red and Blue


I did five reviews on three separate best cigar minder smoking accessories. All five function really is basically to hold a cigar for you when you’re not smoking it while you’re golfing so on the right here we have the cigar caddy in the middle we have the get a grip cigar clip and on the Left, we have the definite divot repair tool now you watch each individual review if you want. 

But basically I’m going to combine everything I’ve said in the most and why I can’t tell you right off the bat I’m not a fan of the get a best cigar minder. it just it’s annoying so yep that’s pretty much it so thanks if you guys golf what do you know you know what your handicap is in the comments below I love to golf have not golf in years I miss it be honest I really like golfing and I never enjoyed access not true I only enjoy golfing once with a cigar the last time I went golfing I enjoyed a cigar but I wasn’t into cigars I just happened to be given one while I was golfing oh okay sure enough the way but I didn’t have an appreciation for it like I may have now, so if I do get out in the course again I’ll certainly bring a nice stick with me and enjoy the day so to be continued but anyway that’s it just a little bit of insight on these types of best cigar minder.

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