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hey what’s going on everyone this is Gerard Marlowe cigars calm so 2019 is coming to a close and we are looking forward to what 2020 has to bring in this video we’re going to talk about the top boutique companies that we adopted and we put into our portfolio but before I get started I need you guys to click on that subscribe button and click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Marteau so without further ado I wish you from cigar Smokey and the whole entire staff to your family and Merry Christmas and happy holidays and a happy new year in 2020.

I had the cigars in front of me and before I get started I’m gonna ask you guys to watch the video it’s entirety so you’ll know what special we’ve given away. There are no ratings on these cigars going off what is in front of me.


The first one I’m gonna pick up as aladino corojo reserva under tobacco GRE. Tobacco’s sold their brand which was Camacho, to dab it off and they had a five-year non-compete contract. So for five years, the owner of GRE didn’t make any cigars. but the United States and when he came out with something aladino corojo reserva, he did a very good job and we adopted this into our portfolio. So one of the top brands that we started carrying is aladino.

jerey jack

Next up is Jeremy Jack a company based out of San Diego. I meant Brady through a friend of mine, which is K. It’s a really funny big Samoan guy very good looking. However, he’s just a straight teddy bear. He had told you about Jeremy Jack and when I went to the trade show I’d give it a try and you know what I loved. It because It has that spice with the raisin in there and it’s got that sweetness and I think Brady donor’s a really cool guy we’ve met he came up here. we had pictures cigars we loved the whole shebang. So Jeremy Jack is another one on our list we definitely want to try as a boutique cigar.

black bird

And next on our list is a Blackbird company which is a really cool name. And this one is the crow which has a San Andres wrapper on it and they’re out of Tambor. I definitely have a soft spot for Dominican companies on a tamboril. but however the reason. Why I chose to go with Blackbird is when I tried it had a very good full body good pepper lots of flavor and the people were just Down Earth. 

I had quite a bit of a buzz about this brand. So I went about it and I took a chance and we’re are selling these things like hotcakes. So look for Blackbird crow.


Number four on our list is Desert Rose. This is as pin-off of the Rose of Sharon from Southern draw this is a new cigar brand that we adopted this year in our portfolio and this comes in a bundle often however we do have them broken up into five packs and singles so look for southern draw Desert Rose which is as pin-off of the cigar I was rated 100Rose of Sharon okay so next is Noel Rojas and how I got introduced to Noah Rojas is through social media actually some of my followers Tripp and Richard have been talking to me about Noel Roja done to try out and immediately when I tried to land cero I was just blown away at how good the cigar was very full lots of flavor Noel Rojas comes from a Cuban family and he kept the tradition going and went to Nicaragua he’s I’m making cigars but now he has a factory in Texas and two brand she came out with this year is a statement and that blue bonnet or bluebonnet anyways when you definitely want to tell Noah Rojas this guy is no joke very boutique good stuff look for it alright so next on the list is elborracho from dapper cigars and how came across this is actually when I was at the trade show during the summer in Vegas when I was talking to my buddies and my buddies are the ones that either have shops themselves or their manufacturers that kept them bringing up that birth el borracho and I was just like really that just sounds odd for a cigar name so when I went to go to their booth and Ian wreath is the owner of dapper we started talking I lit up a cigar and I was really impressed of how good the flavors are and I learned a lot about Nicaraguan tobacco especially all my bake and el borrachois definitely a buzz word that goes around the trade show and as a matter off act until today I heard a lot of people say that el borracho is straight fire so look for this one right here next up we have caveny white series owner Sebastiandeco bake these are made out of Honduras actually he was the one who had recommended el borracho and he said it’s straight fire this is a very nice mild creamy cigar with a lot of body to it his motto is stay gold smoked gold it’s got the gold diamond run in the middle of the cigar this cigar is truly trulyboutique and we’re doing very well with it and Sebastian’s a hell of a guy to work with so look for Cavalia genève Alejandra’s crux cigar has been totally revamp this year in2019 and I think they’ve done a very good job when went to their booth we tried their cigar we’re very impressed very happy with their new packaging then your new look if you’re not on Instagram I highly recommend you get on Instagram and go to crust our fall minute they have some really cool videos a lot of great production that is bringing up the brand and giving it it’s well deserved you know status so I think crux is a very good brand you guys should definitely look at that as well and we’re gonna go on to the next one next up is cast a Glee this is formally known as bespoke however in the United States bespoke is Oregon trademark so cast dadly had to change it and the owners jeremy cast agony and he named the cigar cast agony in the united states and this is the basilica they also have the daughters of the wind these cigars are made by the calendar family I believe hundred counting our son and his daughter are the ones that are the master minds behind the cast Aggie brand very good cigar I love this brand and you should look for it cast a Glee alright last but not least we’re gonna talk about sinistro the last Cabo in Madeira in particular cuz it’s been selling like hotcakes I have a huge grinon my face because owner James and Coleman have been so impact full for us here at Mar low cigars in 2019 he’s the one who actually inspired us to go down to the Dominican Republic and went there six times in 2019 and thus we start edem barking all kinds of newer projects we especially have limited-edition last combo 2018 that we did a project with them so if you haven’t tried that last Kevon Maduro I highly recommend it and that’s gonna end our entire list of our top picks with 2019 again this was not a rating at all it was just picking up whatever I had in front me and telling guys a little bit about it so I’m truly excited 2020 here we come baby all right everyone this is where I say thank you for watching this video scroll all the way down to the description to click on that link for your special however before you go I want you to follow us on Instagram like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel this is Gerard I’m saying see ya and welcome to 20/20

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