Best Bluetooth Govee Mini Hygrometer For Humidor Review 2020

Govee Bluetooth Mini Hygrometer Review

Product Overview: 

Today we have a special treat for you it’s another best hygrometer for humidor review thank you to the special folks at Govi for supplying us with the brand new go V mini Bluetooth hygrometer. So what this does is it reads your humidification and your temperature in your humidor and because it is so small you can use it in humidors that are smaller like a 50 to 100 count and you won’t lose space because you know that’s something that people have a problem with you get these big hygrometers and take up the space of three or four cigars sot his is small we’ll talk about the size and everything in depth when we unbox it.

 Do you need anything special to run the Bluetooth best hygrometer for humidor to go with it you just need an Android or an iPhone, Yes so it is app-controlled you do need to have a smartphone to get the readings off of this so make sure you have that, If you are going to purchase this it is $30 and we’re gonna put a link below.

where you can buy it and discount code for everybody so make sure that you use that code and get one of these now is the Bluetooth any better is it than other. I guess the products that we’ve used in the past is it you know can you go outside of your house so they say that the Bluetooth range is 328 feet.

Don’t pass out anything any walls or anything, so we’ll test that out we’ll talk about that in boxing but yet it does say that it’s pretty specific with a lot of its specs uses higher accurate monitor built-in Swiss and made shit 30 sensors. which is above my head but basically, It offers higher precision monitoring than other brands so that’s why they don’t even have a calibration kit in here because they say it’s accurate so well we’ll see about that yeah all right well without further let’s open it up and get into it okay guys so here is the box that the Govi mini best hygrometer for humidor comes in pretty simple kind of looks like an apple product very simple white and very sleek we have the owner’s manual, which you can read at your leisure.

 I will tell you most of the main points here, but it’s always good to have you have the lanyard that you could hook up to the Govi best hygrometer not sure we’ll be using that it’s just gonna sit in our humidor. But you know doesn’t hurt to have that you have the best hygrometer for humidor itself and you can just see how small that is and lastly we have the Gobi kind of business card.

 I like this it says that you know has the app for you to go download on your Android or iPhone. It has a 12-month warranty which I think is cool because you never know what’s gonna happen and they have customer support. So they want you to reach out to them in case something isn’t to your liking or you’re having trouble so now we’re gonna check out the app for the Dovey best hygrometer it’s called go v home and what we want to do is just give you a walkthrough so that you can see what it’s like to use the app.

Govee Bluetooth Mini Hygrometer Review
Govee Bluetooth Mini Best Hygrometer For Humidor

 We’re gonna test the ease of use and another factor, How quickly does it load and How clean is the app. Look how fun you know how functional is it so we’re gonna click it right down here and as you can see it loads very quickly. We have tried apps with other devices and they have not loaded quite this fast a couple of them have been about 30 seconds or so waiting for them to load and sometimes they even just stall out.

 This is great we’ve been using this for over a week haven’t had any problems with it as you can see our relative humidity is pretty low. We have the Gobi sitting right next to us the temperature is 68 point two and then up top, we have our wine adore lights which we just hooked up in the wine adore a couple of days ago they work great they make the wine adore looked different and it’s pretty amazing for $15 you can get that too so we might even review that as well the temperature. It can read negative four degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 140 so this is a multi-use platform where this is used for you know greenhouses guitars you know stuff like that this can be used for all sorts of things but today’s sake.

We’re going to be looking at it four cigar use it does say that it is very accurate to it is plus or minus 0.36 degrees so accurate out of the box now. It doesn’t come with a calibration kit as we talked about but out of the box. I’ve tested this with others and it is very accurate as well they claim that it is plus or minus 2% which you know the bowl that a baller claims. 

It’s plus or minus 1% we’d like it to be at that 1% but it has been very accurate so no problems there typically when you’re new here you’re gonna have to create an account so go to my profile just shows our account and then you’re gonna have to add the product so you have LED light strips where we have our wine to adore lights and then you have smart home and here’s where you’re gonna find you know they have the Bluetooth Wi-Fi best hygrometer for humidor.

We are at the bottom is the Bluetooth Thermo hygrometer light so you would click that we’ve already had it added so we’re gonna go to and it takes just a couple seconds to add you just have to have it out here next to it and a really quick procedure and once you have it up and running you can click on it and it’s gonna show you our stats days weeks month. Even the year the nice thing about this you do have to be within Bluetooth range but it has a 328-foot range so you know with if you’re within your house for the most part you’re gonna have an easy time hooking up to this I have tested this connection is quite a bit better than some of the other Bluetooth hygrometers for humidor that we’ve used so no complaints there, it reads from rooms that my others do not.

I use it a lot more I find myself not using the others because I have to be in within proximity this one. I feel a lot more confident just whipping out and using it will store up to 20 days if you are away and that’s more than some of the competitors as well so here we can go to the week and we can see where our stats are now, I would like this to be a little cleaner.

I like the graphs but you know it’s it does say the max the average we’re sitting at 68.6% and about you know where it gets a little hard to read but the minimum average is sixty-three point eight degrees you can click it and go to Celsius if you wish it’s got alerts that you can set so if you want to set for instance my low end of relative humidity is going to be 62% and mine is 72 anything outside of that 10%, it’s gonna alert me and say you’re either too high or too low same thing with temperature.

So we can see products your devices will be listed here fast service you can contact them for a replacement you can there’s frequently asked questions and then obviously my profile outside of that there’s not a whole lot to do just check your stats there’s a battery indicator right there also the Bluetooth will indicate whether you are connected or not you can name your devices I named mine why Nature because that’s what I’m running right now I kind of wish these graphs.

Were a little bit easier they kind of just seemed a little smudged together but I’m not gonna be using that a whole lot I don’t really need to see stats as long as every time I check it here, I’m good it loads super quick the goalie is super accurate so no complaints there so here’s the lights that I installed on the on the Y node or we can change different colors which is really cool let me know if you want me to make a video about this a little bit more in depth maybe how to install and we can do that as you can see takes up very little space and just set it and forget it type of thing close it up and let it do its work very simple very easy to use you don’t have to constantly come to your whiner door and look directly at your your HUD best digital hygrometer you have the Bluetooth now you can see the app a lot easier you can check it from the living room you can go on vacation when you come back you’ll see how it was doing so very cool so now let’s kick it back to myself and Rob and see what the pros and cons are of this little cigar tool now that we have used it we know what it’s all about well let’s talk about some things that we liked and some things that we didn’t like some pros and cons yeah what was the one thing that you wrote liked about this little guy well let’s start with the price.

I do think it’s a fairly good price at 30 bucks at the price of the one you were just talking about with you know going on vacation which 60 is a little steep for me for something like this but 30 I’ll do 30 and you can be upstairs and check out here Hugh you know humidity levels and all that stuff without having to go downstairs and look at it even though you have a very nice setup right now and I’d kind of like to come downstairs look at the light 30 dollars best hygrometer for humidor. I think is a great price could it be cheaper everything can be cheaper, yeah but what man there’s like three other pros that lead me into that what you just said one would be that it’s very well built it seems very very sturdy I don’t know sister Nia I don’t know if story is the right word but good build quality and really good presentation so while it’s a little bit price here I don’t mind that because I feel like you’re getting a good quality item from Govi best hygrometer for humidor.

Govee Bluetooth Mini Hygrometer Review
Govee Bluetooth Mini Hygrometer For Humidor

I love how its app controlled yeah you know so I mean that that’s pretty awesome not only is it just app control but it’s really snappy really quick really clean and easy to to use there were some parts with the graphs that I don’t really like some of the types that the font was kind of over some of the graph and it was kind of messy but just that home layout yeah really clean easy to read right and the startup was quick another Pro for the Govi is that it comes with a one-year warranty yeah and you know what what do you not buy that you wish had a warranty you know you get to sleep with you not buy it what are you buying yeah whatever good sleep sound that night knowing that any not to pay for a 10 year or ten dollars for your warranty and all that crap you know so it’s it’s nice to have that you have to worry about getting into much later crashes and you don’t like it or something happens to it you get a full year they pride themselves on the technology that they use to make these accurate and I can appreciate how accurate it came out of the box you know you can calibrate this there is a way in the instruction manual best hygrometer for humidor, so there’s a way to do that but it’s already accurate yeah awesome no I’m talking about how fast the app is we did but but and I hate to do it but compared to the bobotie we open the boat of Butler and it took about 25 seconds and it’s still de no but we Justin still no doubt this took 2 seconds, Yeah pop-up yeah so very nice ergo to Hawaii well yeah it’d be nice to have the Wi-Fi so you can check it anymore right right but for half the price this will store 20 days worth of data so when you come back home.

It’ll look it’ll load it all up and then you have 20 days some other Bluetooth best hygrometers for humidor obvious I’ll be able to look back to why everything got messed up yes so that leads us to what could have done better in my book there’s not much yeah but it’s our job to at least get Nitpicky and find some things that maybe could have been better right we’ll call them cons but even with this thing there’s just not to my fans with it so before we get into the cons we’re just gonna take one more step again be Nitpicky it would have been nice if they had a digital reading on these things yes however they do make those that are the same technology with a digital reading but they are gonna be quite a bit bigger so Govi at least has that option so again not really but I know it would be so cool to like yeah okay you have it on your Bluetooth and everything like that you have it on your app but whenever you look at your you know humidors to look in and even if it’s like two little like digital numbers to say like you know 70 or whatever you know it’d be nice I guess some may say that there’s no mounting kid yeah you know I guess, I could be one of those people but at the same time.

I kind of like just throwing it in there anyway and to the tray. I can see both ways again yeah we have wine odorous we’re just gonna throw it in her drawer but some people might have the desktop you murder.

 Where they want to mount it right on the top exact so again I could care less you need it now but I know that there are some people who kind of like want that the velcro or the magnets some sort of way to mount it on top you know I guess you could make your own you could buy it a dad at each side but yeah some people are just pretty particular on how they want it they don’t want that thing sitting on their cigars I yeah it doesn’t bother me we talked about the price being a pro because yeah good build quality now again.

We’re just coming at this as an unbiased mm-hmm view some people might think $30 for the best hygrometer for humidor that you can’t read by just walking up to it might be a little bit price let’s see what I like about this is yes okay some people thirty dollars might be expensive but compared to some other products that we’ve used or seen or whatever, it’s fast it’s easy to set up it’s easy to check everything it’s it’s uh it’s kind of fancy, yeah I mean I like the sleek white we said in the unboxing as you can remind us of an apple brand and it’s you know and it works yeah I mean that’s that is the key thing is how fast and easy and how it works so I agree with the price.

I would have to say that’s pretty much, I mean those were kind of just things that we had to find if they could do better but we’ve been using it for over a week works great the Bluetooth connectivity is amazingly better than other devices that we’ve tried and the app is fast it works it doesn’t crash so again right that’s really what this what counts here is the app work and how far can we go with the phone before it doesn’t read anymore right so is this something that you should buy that’s your choice. But I would say yes there you go so we have a winner here.

I would give this a shot especially if $30 is a problem click the link below and use the discount code to get one for cheaper than $30 Thanks to go V to the discount call to get ya cheaper for $30 so if that is one of a problem that you’re running into here you go we have your back thank you very much to go V for sending us this hopefully they’ll send us the other best hygrometer for humidor that has the digital display on it so we can look at that that came out last year so we’re a little bit behind on that but it’d still be fun to review.